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One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to translate, mainly because the scan was so bad and the resolution so small that I could barely read any of it, some kanji looking like just a black blotch on the page. Coupled with its length and that made this a bitch to translate next time someone commissions me something like this I definitely need to charge more =w=

Comic is basically Rin gets dominated by that one guy that likes her I forget his name and he’s all like oh hey Im going to make you like sucking dicks and like the smell of cum and stuff and shes like nooo and so he doms her and WACKINESS in sues

Oh yeah and the excuse for not so many translations, mainly because I’m going into further education soon and so I haven’t had as much time to translate stuff for free due to my work mainly being dedicated to Japanese grammar and art.


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Plastic Flower

Enjoy your sniffing fetish I guess? Scent fetish? I don’t know it’s still a really cute doujin.

I’m really sorry for the lack of updates lately please forgive me ;w; I’m going to upload all the latest doujins I’ve done!



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Has some bondage here and there, some rape, some mind breaking you know the whole shah bang.



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Prisoner 7 The Original Bird


Second commission! I’m sorry the English is kind of broken but I did this all day without break and I was really tired and oh god I suck I’m sorry.

This isn’t really a continuation from the last once since the story and everything is kind of different. There also isn’t as much bondage in this one but you know =w=



(That’s right no rapidshare this time woo)

I’m going to work on my editing after I upload the next two I did I promise ;w;

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Prisoner 6 – The Song of the Fake


My first commission yay!
This one is by Charlie Nishinaka featuring Meer Campbell trying to famous like her hero Lacus Clyne with zany bondage/slavery/people forcing her to have sex etc etc.



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Thank you all~

Remi out.

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We Love Over Knee Socks 5


Heya Remi here~
I saw this book and Moekou wasn’t online so I got to cracking and translating it because it’s one of the best that have been released in a while and I’ve been waiting for someone to scan this since forever >w<

We Love Over Knee Socks 5! Finally released and translated the day during release and released the day after the release. So much releasing to be had. This doujin features Yui, Mio and Azusa all opening up a Foulee Therapy Session in their club. (Foulee Therapy is when the people walk on you and massage you in case you didn’t know).
Anyway without further a do here it is!
Also special thanks to Sergiooooo from Hongfire for being the first to scan this (I assume) If he had just got it off Share and then slapped his name all over it then shame on him!


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Touhou Sock Book 2


Touhou Sock Book 2 has finished being translated! A gallery of colored illustrations of sock-wearing Touhou characters followed by two short sections starring Koishi and Koakuma.

Rapidshare (I’d prefer you download it from here thanks)




IMG_0010 IMG_0016

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We Love Over Knee Socks 1


Here is the first and last full release of the original MyonMyon team of Frandle (now known as Remi) and Turo.

Featuring Lunamaria Hawke from Gundam SEED Destiny, as well as shorts with other anime characters!

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Sample 1 Sample 2

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Hello, I’m Moekou, the new editor for the doujin translation circle formerly known as MyonMyon! Nice to meet you all!

Upon reflection that MyonMyon was already the name of an established Touhou music doujin circle, we decided to become reborn as ReMoe Translations (if you couldn’t tell, it’s a portmanteau of Remi and Moekou)! We will do our best to bring you translations of the best feet and bondage doujins!

Also, we accept commissions for cheap; please click on the Request and Commissions tab for more information!

Please enjoy!